Tailor a pro-active, comprehensive and confidential programme to deliver the ideal candidate within the timeframe the business requires.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Through our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) programmes, we take full ownership for managing your internal recruitment strategy. We will build an RPO service that’s bespoke to your needs. We can manage the full, end-to-end recruitment process or just one part, such as candidate assessment or on-boarding. 

We position your organisation to attract, select and retain the best talent. To do this, we build the foundation of our programmes using four different areas: 

  • Talent identification – we analyse the market and target people with the right skills for your vacancies 
  • Talent acquisition – we work with you to develop your employer brand, helping you attract the best talent 
  • Talent evaluation – we create bespoke assessments to ensure we place people who are committed to high performance and continuous development 
  • Talent engagement – we complete pre-employment vetting and onboarding of workers to ensure full compliance and success from day one 

Ket features

There are several benefits that businesses can enjoy when engaging with us for a retained search solution. Some of which are:

Process efficiency delivering reduced time to hire

Visibility and control over all recruitment activity

Enhanced recruitment processes and compliance

Consistent brand promotion and candidate experience

Dedicated and accountable team

Greater choice and enhanced quality of candidates

Effective careers site, direct hire and supplier sourcing channels

A scalable solution that aligns with your needs

Our Process