We Supply Talent are committed to giving you an exceptional experience
throughout the recruitment process and beyond.
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Who are we

About us

As recruitment experts in the fields of IT, Finance and Professional Services, We Supply Talent sources professionals to work in a wide range of roles on a permanent, fixed-term and contract basis. Whether working with candidates or clients, where the role lasts for a month or a lifetime, we are committed to giving you an exceptional experience throughout the recruitment process and beyond.

Our expertise


Fintech & Blockchain

For a start-up to a leading corporation in the FinTech and Blockchain market

Data & Analytics

Make a better use of data in an effort to gain a greater understanding of your customers

Corporate Finance

Establishing long-term relationships, built upon mutual trust and respect to understand what will make your business successful.


Find the best developers / infrastructure experts to build world class systems & frameworks

What makes us different

How we help Clients?

Achieve your great employee retention, with a recruitment partner who understands your goals and culture. We’ll look at why people would love to work for you over the competition and what difference that next hire will make to your business.

There is no one-size-fits-all. You may be looking to hire senior management, replace someone you’ve lost, or scale a team quickly in order to hit targets. Whatever your requirements are, we’ve got the experience to ensure you secure the talent you need.

If you’re a startup, chances are not every candidate you’d like to attract has heard of you. Actively raising brand awareness, we’ll h take the responsibility of representing you in the marketplace seriously and introduce you to people who are excited at the prospect of joining your business.

All the work we put into understanding what makes your business tick pays off when it comes to onboarding new hires and staying with them on their journey. Our after-care programs are designed to help with any bumps in the road and make sure the people you hire today are with you for the long run.

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